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Art Pepper

Art Pepper was born 90 years ago today. The saxophonist's life was scarred by violence, ravaged by drug addiction, confined by prisons, and restricted by parole requirements that prevented him from leaving California for decades. Pepper came to prominence in the early fifties, but he didn't play New York as a leader until 1977.

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Greetings from the Danube

First I want to pay tribute to all who made the NEPR cruise on the Beautiful Blue Danube a great success: thanks to Cheryl Willoughby, who kept the classical music on the air while I was away; to the organizers of the tour, Earthbound Expeditions and their staff, Tyson Verse, Tanya Masi and Matthew Brumley; to the more than 50 NEPR listeners...


Humans of Northampton

A group of high school students from Northampton went to the streets of their hometown to find out about the opioid epidemic in the region. Members of Northampton High School’s Teen Advocacy Group, these students created a display of interviews and photographs to raise awareness.