Pittsfield High School is designed to accomodate 1,600 students, but only had about 900 during the last school year.
Adam Frenier / NEPR

Panel Recommends A Single School District For All Of Berkshire County

One school district for all 15,000 of Berkshire County's school children. That's what an advisory panel of educators, local officials and business leaders is recommending. They commissioned a new study that said this approach could solve a lot of the problems schools are facing.

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St. Thomas Church in Huntington, Massachusetts.
Kevin Gutting / Daily Hampshire Gazette

St. Thomas Church in Huntington, Massachusetts, will go up for auction on Thursday. It's one of over 30 churches in the Springfield Diocese to close its doors in the last decade, but the first to be put up for auction.

Diocese spokesman Mark Dupont said the town's decision to make the church an historic district in 2012 could have made it harder to sell.

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NEPR Summer Fiction Series

Every Friday morning, we feature an interview with an author from New England who’s got a new novel out for those lazy days in the sun.

National & World News

The first international robotics competition for high schoolers made headlines before it even started — and after the event was over as well.

First there was the story of the all-girl Afghanistan team, which was denied visas to attend for unknown reasons.

The Navy says it has its first female candidates for two elite special operations jobs previously closed to women – including a prospective SEAL.

One woman is in the pipeline to be a SEAL officer, and another is on the path to becoming a special warfare combatant crewman. The news was first reported by Military.com, an independent website. The Navy declined to identify the candidates, citing security considerations.

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News Now Podcast

Shelley MacInnes, holding pictures of her son, Alex Ciccolo, who faces domestic terrorism charges.
Jill Kaufman / NEPR

NEPR News Now Podcast: Terror Threat (Or Not), Bus Cuts, Scarlet Opera, Summer Fiction, Be Brave

NEPR News Now is a collection of recent features, interviews and commentaries.

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Settling In -- Not For -- Downtown Springfield

Jul 17, 2017
Steve Shultis, in downtown Springfield.
Joyce Skowyra / NEPR

After living both in the Mountain West and Europe, commentator Steve Shultis, came back home to settle in his native Springfield. Out West, Shultis says, he observed a sprawling, suburbanizing, car-dependent way of life. He far preferred what he experienced in Europe -- walk-able, bike-able cities. So he and his then-wife put down stakes in the Springfield's downtown. He's had no regrets.

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The Short List

The Massachusetts Statehouse.
File photo / State House News Service

The Short List: Study Derailed, Voter Registration, Sisitsky Remembered

Our panel of journalists looks at the big stories in the news. What made The Short List this week?

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Classical Music

John Nowacki and Paul Mealor

Welsh Composer Paul Mealor and his music

Welsh composer Paul Mealor is one of the most popular choral composers today. His sacred motets, songs and cycles have been performed, broadcast and recorded by artists in the UK, USA and much further afield. Dr. Mealor stopped by the NEPR studios recently to talk about his music with John Nowacki.

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Jazz à la Mode

Judy Roderick: Knockin' Out Newport Folk and Bonnie Raitt

There's a big new feature on Bonnie Raitt i n the San Diego Union-Tribune in which she goes in-depth and mentions numerous influences, including such obscure figures as Barbara Dane and Judy Roderick . I've been a fan of Judy's since my high school days and keep going back to her great Vanguard album, Woman Blue. (I also still wonder over who lifted my copy of her 1963 Columbia debut, Ain't Nothin' But the Blues?) Born in 1942, Judy was a Midwesterner who went to c ollege in Boulder, lived in...

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More Regional News

A scene from rehearsals of The Scarlet Professor opera.
Daniel Keller

New Opera Revisits 57-Year-Old 'Smut' Scandal at Smith College

In 1960, a famous literature professor at Smith College was arrested for having gay pornographic materials in his Northampton, Massachusetts, apartment. Four decades later, that scandal was the basis of a nonfiction book. Now the story is getting a new telling -- an operatic one -- on the very college campus where the original events took place.

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IN CONTRAST: Are Translators Traitors?

Episode 3 features Tim Parks , noted translator and author. Ilan Stavans and Parks explore the art of translation through their conversation. "Translators are obsessed as a rule with the problem of being faithful," says Parks.

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NEPR Media Lab - Can You Hear Us?

On the fifth episode of the Media Lab Podcast , Elder Martinez shares his experiences about the wild world of the internet and asks us to consider the role technology plays in our lives. In another story, Xuan Truong offers a compelling commentary about her mother and sister as they experience a negative encounter at a local grocery store. Lastly, learn more about the Springfield Sting, a Springfield, Massachusetts Basketball team, in a feature by George Anderson. #whatstoryareyoutelling...

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Nicole Young & Diana Alvarez
Nicole Young | Yasmina Mattison

Diana Alvarez & Nicole Young on Tertulia

Tertulia's recent guest was Diana Alvarez , singer, guitarist, poet and video sound artist. She was accompanied by Nicole Young — playwright, poet and theater artist. They spoke about their art, projects and future presentations. They delighted our listeners with their music and poetry.

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Stories of immigrants and refugees in Western New England.

Words in Transit Podcast Helping Others
Beth Reynolds / NEPR

Words in Transit - Helping Others

The final episode of this series of "Words in Transit" features stories of immigrants from Bhutan and Slovenia and their work today to help other new arrivals to this country.

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