Will Shortz, PuzzleMaster presented by Springfield Public Forum

Will Shortz - Puzzlemaster

Will Shortz challenges the crowd at Springfield Symphony Hall.

As the world’s only accredited Enigmotologist, Will Shortz has worked as the puzzle editor of The New York Times since 1993. He is also in charge of a weekly puzzle segment for “Weekend Edition Sunday” on National Public Radio.

Mr. Shortz graduated from Indiana University with self-created degree in enigmatology, a degree that captured his passion for puzzles, codes, and mysteries. Through this one-of-a-kind background, Will has built a renowned career in the world of crossword puzzles and reached national recognition, including designing specific puzzles as requested by such figures as John Stewart and president Bill Clinton.

Apart from his contributions to The New York Times and NPR, Will Shortz founded, and remains director of, the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. He has reached international success as captain of the U.S. team in the World Puzzle Championship, which he also founded. Shortz’s passion for puzzles and diverse experience in the world of crossword puzzles will surely prove his presentation an engaging and mind-stimulating one for an audience of all ages.

This event is sponsored by Eastern States Exposition, Merriam-Webster and MassMutual Financial Group

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