Mayor Alex B. Morse of Holyoke, MA speaks at UMass Amherst

On Jan. 3, 2012, at age 22, Morse was sworn in as the youngest mayor in Holyoke’s history. He has spent much of his time since then working on early childhood literacy; building a local economy around art, innovation and technology; supporting community policing initiatives; and marketing Holyoke as a great place to live, work and recreate. During his visit to UMass, Morse will talk about his historic election and how he is working to revitalize his hometown both economically and socially. This event offers a rare opportunity for students to talk directly and informally with a young, successful leader for social change.

Sponsored by the Center for Public Policy and Administration, the hub of interdisciplinary public policy research, teaching and engagement at UMass Amherst.

Cape Cod Lounge
UMass Amherst

Presenting Organization
Center for Public Policy and Administration

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