Lost Art in the Valley: Picture Framing


“Once you find the job you love, you never work another day in your life.”

If this quote is true, then Jeffrey Cohen really has never worked a day in his life.

The framed adage, which is hung on the wall of his business, Jeff’s Picture Framing, is a quote he lives by. Cohen opened his Springfield business in 1998, but learned the glass business as a child from his father and grandfather.

“This was originally a family business. The large building across the street was the Leonard Gallery and Leonard was my father,” Cohen says. “Before we had the Leonard Gallery, it was Sam’s Glassworks and Sam was my grandfather. I learned the business by watching, observing, and being down here.”

The back room is where all the hard work, creativity, and technology come together to form the masterpieces. It’s filled with moldings, frames, matte boards, and equipment to form the frames.

But look closer and you will also notice a music collection of CDs and cassettes, a lava lamp collection, as well as a wall dedicated to barometers and shelves filled with bonsai pots.

“This is really my workshop, but it’s my personal playground.”

Besides framing photos, Cohen also specializes in framing three-dimensional objects: anything from pinecones to violins to baseball bats to Christmas ornaments.

But Cohen’s favorite thing to frame is children’s art.

“The reason is you take a painting or a scribbling of a child that, two years old all the way up to second or third grade. You take this little nothing picture and frame it up and it looks like a masterpiece. And I love the way they come out.”

Jeff’s Picture Framing is located at 1027 E. Columbus Avenue in Springfield, Mass.

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