“I’m grateful I had that drive”: Ada Comstock Scholars Defining a Unique Path in Life

“I’m grateful I had that drive”. That’s what Ada Chupp said about her motivation to break the mold and carve her own, fulfilling, journey through life.

For women of non-traditional college age, the Ada Comstock Scholars Program at Smith College allows for an opportunity to complete a bachelor of arts degree, either part-time or full-time. The backgrounds of these students, colloquially known as “Adas”, are diverse and varied – a wide range of ages, life experiences, and education backgrounds.

Three Ada Comstock Scholars sat down to share their experiences as friends and students and discuss their life before coming to Smith. Listen to Corynn Stoltenberg, Janet Harris, and Ada Chupp talk about the journeys that have led them back to school. Each has  had an amazing and unique path and I am grateful for their willingness to share their inspiring stories.

In Part 1, above, Ada, Corynn and Jan talk about the beginning of their strong friendship as students and the comical circumstances that brought them all together as friends.

In Part 2, Ada, Corynn, and Jan discuss where they came from and what led them to Smith. They talk about what it was like to return to school, what they had achieved and coped with before coming to Smith, and how much their friendship has meant. All three women were highly independent from a young age- starting their own business, putting themselves through school, moving, traveling. Returning to school has been a rewarding and challenging experience.

In Part 3, the three women speak further about the drive they had to continue their education. What was something that they all had in common? Faith. All three women mentioned some kind of faith as a factor that motivated them to keep going, even through some pretty major roadblocks and challenges.


Additional audio: Listen to Corynn talk about one of the strangest jobs she has ever done

For more information about the Ada Comstock Scholars Program, visit http://www.smith.edu/admission/ada.php

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