Artist, Humanitarian, Researcher: Eric Reeves

If you run a Google search for Eric Reeves, you’re likely to come up with the Smith College English professor’s abundant research and writing on Sudan. He has written two books about the genocide in Darfur and conflict in greater Sudan and his research has been published many times over. But before that, from the time he was just a kid, Eric pursued his talent for and interest in wood turning. He has been showcased in galleries, local and national, and has been creating his stunning works for decades. However, his creative and humanitarian passions are very much related.

Eric took me on a tour of his wood turning process from start to finish. Listen to just some of the long, careful steps he takes to create his pieces.

The images below depict some of Eric’s wood turnings, as well as his workshop. On the main display case sits a framed photo of a Sudanese woman he met during his visit.

You can find Eric’s works locally at the Don Muller gallery located in Northampton, MA. Visit to see more of his wood turning work and his website for more information about his work on Sudan.

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