Anna’s Story: A Profile of a First-Time New Englander

Anna Gustines is a current University of North Carolina student, a hardworking and driven 21 year old, and a bit out of place…

She is a very school-spirited student and nothing short of proud of where she came from.

This is her first time spending more than a long weekend in the Northeast, but her adventurous spirit brought her out here to work and experience New England. Being young and having a world full of opportunities brings great experiences to many, and often times the best time to leave your comfort zone is when you are young. And this was exactly Anna’s thought.

New England wasn’t where she knew that she would end up this summer, but she did now that she was  not going to spend it in North Carolina.

But ultimately, she came to the North in order to work and gain experience.

So for now, Anna is just experiencing life as a New Englander, working and seeing what there is to offer. She has had experiences that most locals have had, and she has branched out a bit too.

And it was in this spur of the moment decision that she found her favorite place in the Northeast so far.

But what is the biggest difference from living in the south?

But besides the short, yet hot summers and less of a need for air conditioning, there are some geographical differences that have worked out in her favor.

Even though Raleigh is over 650 miles from Amherst, it seems as though the similarities outweigh the differences. The type of people that live in an area can really make up the character of a place, and according to Anna, it seems as though the people in both areas have the same traits, which is always welcoming to an outsider.

Aside from all of the adventures, in every college student’s life, the are asked what they want to do in life and where they would like to ultimately end up.

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