Talk: Makrina Gudiel – Seeking Justice for Crimes of the Past

Makrina Gudiel is a researcher, and dedicated activist for human rights and justice in Guatemala. Currently, she serves as a member and coordinator of the Network of Guatemalan Women Human Rights Defenders. She has investigated human rights issues faced by women in Guatemala and has also conducted research on adult agricultural workers, many of whom are women. On behalf of her family, she has presented two cases against the Guatemalan government to the Inter American Court of Human Rights for the murders of her brother, who appears in the infamous “Diario Militar” and her father. Makrina explains why she and her family continue to fight for justice, despite ongoing death threats and intimidation. She also discusses the importance of international solidarity with Guatemala over the last 30 years, including the sanctuary movement of the 1980s and the decades-long struggle to end US military support for repressive regimes.

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