Partners In Flight

Originally Aired 5/19/03. Partners in flight is a voluntary cooperative organization, comprising of government agencies, conservation groups, business and private citizens, dedicated to the protection […]


Originally Aired 5/06/02. Researcher Leann Kellogg and Laurie dissect the hardy survival techniques of the opossum, focusing on their reliance on our suburban developments.


In this segment, Laurie teams up with Al Richmond and Terry Blunt to see a new species of snake, astounding in its behaviors and unique […]


Originally Aired 8/20/01. Umass Biologist Dave Mclean is on the lookout for freshwater mussels. These under the radar organisms are in danger of extinction via […]


Laurie, Dave Wagner, and Mike Thomas head into the pitch pine barrens of the Montague plains in search of rare moth species.

Mosquitoes Part 2

Originally Aired 6/23/03. Laurie continues her foray into the world of one of humans most deadly foe, the mosquito. With help from entomologist Theodore Andreadis, […]


Originally Aired 6/16/03. Laurie and Ted Andreadis chronicle the life cycle of mosquitoes.

Deerfield River Marsh Birds

Originally Aired 6/30/03. Pat Serentino’s initiative to survey rare birds in the Deerfield River wetlands has provided invaluable insight into their population size and health. […]

Monarch Butterfly

Originally Aired 3/15/04. Over winter, the beloved monarch butterflies can be found keeping warm in the mountainous regions of central Mexico. Laurie visits the Sierra […]

Bird Migration

In May, the warblers return to the north from their southern winter stay. Laurie describes their stop in New England on their way to the […]