Originally Aired 8/20/01. Umass Biologist Dave Mclean is on the lookout for freshwater mussels. These under the radar organisms are in danger of extinction via […]


Laurie, Dave Wagner, and Mike Thomas head into the pitch pine barrens of the Montague plains in search of rare moth species.

Mosquitoes Part 2

Originally Aired 6/23/03. Laurie continues her foray into the world of one of humans most deadly foe, the mosquito. With help from entomologist Theodore Andreadis, […]


Originally Aired 6/16/03. Laurie and Ted Andreadis chronicle the life cycle of mosquitoes.

Deerfield River Marsh Birds

Originally Aired 6/30/03. Pat Serentino’s initiative to survey rare birds in the Deerfield River wetlands has provided invaluable insight into their population size and health. […]

Monarch Butterfly

Originally Aired 3/15/04. Over winter, the beloved monarch butterflies can be found keeping warm in the mountainous regions of central Mexico. Laurie visits the Sierra […]

Bird Migration

In May, the warblers return to the north from their southern winter stay. Laurie describes their stop in New England on their way to the […]


Spring marks the return of migratory birds to New England from their warmer winter retreats in the south. At the crack of dawn, the chorus […]

Marbled Salamanders

Originally Aired 9/17/01. Laurie investigates the unlikely lifestyle of the marbled salamander. She catches up with Lloyd Gamble to discuss his research on this unique […]


Originally Aired 10/31/05. Loons have faced severe population declines in the last few decades thanks a number of outside influences such as habitat development, increased […]