Originally Aired 8/18/03. Laurie takes a look at horseflies and deerflies. She consults entomologist Chris Meyer about this agricultural pest and their parasitism of New […]

Green Lacewings

Originally Aired 10/08/01. Green lacewing’s consumption of crop pests such as aphids and scale insects make them a welcome sight for New England farmers. Laurie […]

Green Frogs

Originally Aired 6/14/04. Laurie investigates the early summer symphony of frog species found in New England ponds and marshes. She speaks with UConn amphibian expert […]

Atkins Flats & Grassland Birds

Proliferating development is destroying grasslands and the species that thrive within. Pete Westover, conservation planner for Amherst, is working to preserve one such grassland called Atkins Flats. In this segment, Westover gives Laurie a tour of the area.