Caterpillar Chemical Defenses

Over time, animals have developed complex and effective defense mechanisms to ensure their survival in the midst of more powerful predators. Laurie speaks to researcher […]


Originally Aired 11/11/02. Laurie reports on the happenings of Canada Geese as wildlife biologist George Haas reveals some surprising insight into their history and current […]

Box Turtles

Originally Aired 8/7/06. Laurie debunks myths surrounding the infamous box turtle as Umass graduate student Liz Willey explains their typical lifestyle.


Laurie makes the trek along the bluebird trails, curated by the president and founder of the Massachusetts Bluebird Association, Haleya Priest.

Blueback Herring

Originally Aired. Laurie inquires about the rapid decline in population of the once ubiquitous blueback herring. Researcher Justin Davis offers some potential answers.

Black Bears

Originally Aired 3/14/05. Dave Fuller joins Laurie to track the north american black bear. This shy creature has been spotted more and more in suburban […]

Dinosaurs at Peabody Museum

Originally Aired 2/21/05. Laurie visits the Peabody Museum at Yale and paleontologists Marilyn Fox and Dan Brinkman show her some of their dinosaur specimen.

Bird Song

Originally Aired 5/14/01. Laurie & Don Kroodsma introduces the world of bird songs and the variations among species.


Originally Aired 7/12/04. Once facing extirpation in New England, the beavers have returned and their populations are thriving. Ironically, the overabundance of beavers is now […]