Deer Hunting

Originally Aired 12/16/02. It’s the first week of hunting season and expert Mill Davis explains to Laurie the importance of deer hunting for management practices.

Deer Droppings

Scott Williams, Connecticut biologist, returns to tell Laurie about his newest study analyzing deer droppings. Tune in to hear the startling results, illuminating the deer’s […]

Connecticut Deer Population

Originally Aired 11/25/02. In Connecticut, the population explosion of whitetail deer is causing a number of problems from increasing vehicular collisions to a rise in […]

Costa Rican Moths

Originally Aired 3/18/02. Laurie catches up with Dave Wagner in Costa Rica to marvel at the diversity of moth species found in this tropical rainforest.

Costa Rican Wattled Bellbird

Originally Aired 5/5/03. Laurie explores the complex vocalizations of the Costa Rican wattled bellbird and speculates about the evolutionary origins of said songs. Featuring Umass […]


Originally Aired 10/1/01. Laurie catches up with Doug Smith to discuss the effects of the aggressive and opportunistic crayfish in New England.

Cliff Swallows

Laurie covers the competition for nesting between cliff swallows and non-native house sparrows. Mara Silver offers a solution to this biological battle.

Caterpillar Chemical Defenses

Over time, animals have developed complex and effective defense mechanisms to ensure their survival in the midst of more powerful predators. Laurie speaks to researcher […]


Originally Aired 11/11/02. Laurie reports on the happenings of Canada Geese as wildlife biologist George Haas reveals some surprising insight into their history and current […]

Box Turtles

Originally Aired 8/7/06. Laurie debunks myths surrounding the infamous box turtle as Umass graduate student Liz Willey explains their typical lifestyle.