Deer Droppings

Scott Williams, Connecticut biologist, returns to tell Laurie about his newest study analyzing deer droppings. Tune in to hear the startling results, illuminating the deer’s […]


Originally Aired 10/1/01. Laurie catches up with Doug Smith to discuss the effects of the aggressive and opportunistic crayfish in New England.

Cliff Swallows

Laurie covers the competition for nesting between cliff swallows and non-native house sparrows. Mara Silver offers a solution to this biological battle.


Originally Aired 11/11/02. Laurie reports on the happenings of Canada Geese as wildlife biologist George Haas reveals some surprising insight into their history and current […]

Box Turtles

Originally Aired 8/7/06. Laurie debunks myths surrounding the infamous box turtle as Umass graduate student Liz Willey explains their typical lifestyle.


Laurie makes the trek along the bluebird trails, curated by the president and founder of the Massachusetts Bluebird Association, Haleya Priest.