Horseshoe Crabs

Originally Aired  7/2/07. During the highest tides of summer on the beaches of Long Island Sound, horseshoe crabs emerge from the oceans to breed. Laurie […]


Originally Aired 6/18/07. Laurie digs deeper into the complex social life of the firefly, aided by Fitchburg State University Professor Chris Cratsley. They discuss the […]


Originally Aired 6/11/07. What causes creatures like fireflies to glow? and why? Laurie consults Connecticut College chemist Bruce Branchini to find out.

Chimney Swifts

Originally Aired 7/7/08. Gaze into the New England sky at dusk and you are likely to find the darting and twittering of the chimney swifts. The […]

Trout Fisheries

Originally Aired In this segment, Laurie visits the state owned Sunderland Trout Fishery. She meets with Chuck Bell, the fisheries’ manager, to uncover the details of […]