Winter Moth

Jeff Boettner and Laurie observe the increasingly detrimental influence of the invasive winter moth.

Bird Flight Calls

Originally Aired 10/27/08. Andrew Farnsworth listens in on the nighttime calls of birds in flight. What are they be communicating? Laurie speaks with Farnsworth to find […]

Spider Vision

Originally Aired 10/20/08. Laurie and Kathryn Craig explain the ultraviolet properties of spiders webs. These features, unseen by human eyes, bolsters the spider’s strategy of deception […]

Bird Vision

Originally Aired 10/6/08. A 4th cone in the retina of birds give them to ability to see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Richard Prum explains the […]


Originally Aired 9/29/08. Laurie and Russ Miller discuss the declining population of bumblebees and the origins of this rampant problem.


Originally Aired 9/8/08. Manuel Morales examines the unlikely symbiosis between treehoppers and formica ants.


Originally Aired 8/4/08. Laurie speaks with Dave Wagner, UConn biologist, about the life of a caterpillar and their surprising influences on your day to day […]


Originally Aired 7/21/08. John Ascher sheds light on the life of native bees and the serious threats they are facing.


Originally Aired 6/23/08. Laurie visits Cape Cod to experience the infamous emergence of the 17 year cicadas. Entomologist Jeff Boettner explains the abnormal life cycle […]

Bird Songs Part 2

Originally Aired 6/16/08. Laurie reunites with Don Kroodsma to anaylze the complicated vocalizations of local thrushes. Kroodsma slows down the rapid sounds to reveal a beauty […]