Originally Aired 1/30/06. Mary Alice Wilson accompanies Laurie to the winter roosting site of a large robin population located on a Christmas Tree farm in Hatfield, MA.


Originally Aired 5/9/05. Laurie repels down a cliffside with Ralph Taylor to get a closer look at a nest of raven chicks.

Timber Rattlesnakes

Originally Aired 10/9/06. Timber rattlesnakes can be found in small communities in the northeast, but meager numbers and environmental threats necessitate careful monitoring of their […]

Costa Rican Bellbirds

Originally Aired 5/05/03. Laurie ventures south to Costa Rica to hear the startling call of the three waddled bellbird. Accompanied by biologist Deb Hamilton, she […]

Partners In Flight

Originally Aired 5/19/03. Partners in flight is a voluntary cooperative organization, comprising of government agencies, conservation groups, business and private citizens, dedicated to the protection […]


Originally Aired 5/06/02. Researcher Leann Kellogg and Laurie dissect the hardy survival techniques of the opossum, focusing on their reliance on our suburban developments.


[Originally aired on April Fools Day] In this segment, Laurie teams up with Al Richmond and Terry Blunt to see a new species of snake, […]


Originally Aired 8/20/01. Umass Biologist Dave Mclean is on the lookout for freshwater mussels. These under the radar organisms are in danger of extinction via […]


Laurie, Dave Wagner, and Mike Thomas head into the pitch pine barrens of the Montague plains in search of rare moth species.

Mosquitoes Part 2

Originally Aired 6/23/03. Laurie continues her foray into the world of one of humans most deadly foe, the mosquito. With help from entomologist Theodore Andreadis, […]