Frequently Asked Questions


Is There A Minimum Contribution To Be Considered An Active Donor To New England Public Radio?

We do not recommend a specific dollar amount. We ask that you contribute an amount that fits your budget. When you make a contribution of $50 or more, you can choose from a number of thank you gifts. All contributions are greatly appreciated and support the programming you hear on our stations.

When Will I Be Asked To Renew My Support?

We ask you to renew your support once every 12 months.  You’ll receive your first renewal request several months before the 12 month period is over.  The sooner you respond, the fewer reminders we will send!

What Is A Sustaining Partner?

A sustaining partner agrees to make a monthly contribution of $5 or more to New England Public Radio on an ongoing basis via a credit card or bank account withdrawal.  This plan is open-ended and continues until your ask us to stop.

Sustaining partners provide New England Public Radio with a steady, reliable source of income.  Supporting New England Public Radio in this way cuts costs, which allows more of your contribution to go directly to the programming you love, and you won’t receive renewal notices in the mail!

How Can I Update My Credit Card Information Or Address?

It’s easy! Please call Susan Lofthouse at 413-735-6607. She can update your address, credit card, expiration date, pledge amount, or any other information you need changed.

My Employer Participates In The Employee Matching Gift Program. How Do I Enroll?

Simply obtain a matching gift form from your human resources department, fill it out and send it to New England Public Radio along with your contribution.

I Have Not Received A Tax Deduction Acknowledgment From My Contribution Earlier This Year. I Need One Now.

We send acknowledgements through the mail for gifts of $50 or more.  If you need one during tax season, you can contact Chris Daly at 413-735-6612 and he will send you one.

Can I Make A Contribution To New England Public Radio In Someone Else’s Name As A Gift?

Yes, and it makes a great gift for the public radio listener in your life! You make the contribution, and the recipient will receive the benefits, including a thank you gift, if you wish.  To do this, call us at 413-735-6612, or send a check.  Whichever way you choose, please be sure to let us know the name and address of the gift recipient.

Why Did I Receive Another Renewal Notice When I Already Sent My Contribution?

If your contribution and our renewal notice cross in the mail, please accept our apologies and our sincerest thanks. This happens when your contribution gets posted to our database after we’ve mailed renewal notices for that month.  Occasionally an extra letter is the result of a duplicate file or other issue with our database. If you think that might be the case, please contact Chris Daly at  or call 413-735-6612.

When Will My Thank You Gift Arrive?

If you requested a thank you gift when you made your contribution, it will arrive in about six weeks.  If it has been longer than that, please contact us and we’ll be happy to investigate.  There are times when orders are delayed or an item is on back order and fulfillment takes longer than anticipated. We appreciate your patience

I’m A Sustaining Partner. Do I Still Get Thank You Gifts?

Absolutely!  Just because you don’t call in during fund drives, we don’t want those of you who contribute on a monthly basis to be left without a proper thank you!  As a sustaining partner, you are entitled to receive one thank you gift per year, based on the amount of your annual contribution. Please call Chris Daly at 413-735-6612 to discuss the item you’d like to receive.