Myriam Fuentes

Myriam Fuentes was Tertulia’s guest on Nov.16,2014. Ms. Fuentes is a writer and media producer from Puert Rico. She is currently working with La Esperanza […]

Is A Stradivarius Just A Violin?

How much of what we think of as the beautiful sound of a Stradivarius is the instrument itself — and how much is the brand? The Stradivarius violin gets its name from master craftsman Antonio Stradivari. When he died in 1737, his secrets died with him…

Paquito D’Rivera On Piano Jazz

D’Rivera and bassist David Fink joined host Marian McPartland in 1995 for “Birk’s Works,” in honor of composer Dizzy Gillespie. They also perform “A Night in Englewood.”