Dr. William A. Dávila

Tertulia’s guest on November 23 was Dr. William A. Dávila, Director of Operations at UMass Center at Springfield. He spoke about the different carees offered at their new center and the new programs coming in the near future.

Ilan Stavans

As part of the celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month, Tertulia’s guest on October 12,2014 was Ilan Stavans, Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture at Amherst College. Professor Stavans read poetry by Alberto Blanco from Mexico…

William Cumpiano

William Cumpiano, a well known artisan of guitars and the Puertorrican Cuatro , was Tertulia’s guest on September 21, 2014. He spoke about the history and the art of making a Cuatro , carving it from a solid block of wood. He is the co -creator of “Proyecto del Cuatro” and co-author of the book “Cuerdas de mi Tierra”.

Yovianna García

Musician from Puerto Rico

Yovianna García was Tertulia’s guest on August 10,2014. She is a guitarist from Puerto Rico who shared with us her wonderful music and information about up coming events. Her next CD will be released soon.

Laurie Millman

Citizen Outreach Coordinator for Center for New Americans

Laurie Millman, Citizen Outreach Coordinator for Center for New Americans was Tertulia’s guest on June 22,2014. CNA is a Community -Based Education and Resource Center for Immigrants and Refugees in Western Massachusetts.

Attorney David Hoose

Attorney David Hoose was Tertulia’s guest on May 11. We talked about several topics related to the criminal justice system, solitary confinement,death row inmates and the future trial of Mr. Tsarnaev in which the government is seeking a penalty of death.

Laura Valdiviezo, Ed.D

Tertulia’s guest on March 30th, 2014, Laura Valdiviezo, Ed.D, Assistant Professor of Language, Literacy and Culture,
Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies,College of Education, University of Massachusetts-Amherst.