Treasures from an old trunk

I wasn’t there myself, but have heard from some who were that Yevgeny Kutik, the soloist in last Saturday’s Springfield Symphony Orchestra concert was really terrific. In his concert review, Clifton J. Noble, Jr. says Kutik may be the finest guest soloist….


About a year ago I received a package from a friend in Tokyo. It contained a recording which had become a best seller in Japan: The Symphony No. 1 “Hiroshima” by Mamoru Samuragochi. Part of its popularity stemmed from the story of the composer.

The Minnesota Orchestra is Back

Last Friday the Minnesota Orchestra returned to the stage of Orchestra Hall after being locked out for 16 months in a concert conducted by Conductor Laureate Stanisław Skrowaczewski.

A View from the Third Row

This past Wednesday my wife and I occupied third row center seats at the penultimate preview of Porgy and Bess.  We were making our own comparison with the performance we had seen in Cambridge in August.  That was one of the most compelling theatrical experiences of a lifetime of theatre and concert going.  The transfer to Broadway did nothing to diminish that experience.