NEPR Media Sponsorship Guidelines

NEPR’s Media Sponsorship program strives to provide a voice for diverse, thought-provoking ideas, people and experiences within our community. By providing media sponsorship to local nonprofit organizations and events, NEPR exposes listeners to a variety of cultural, artistic and community experiences throughout the region that entertain, promote discourse and increase participation in our community. We look for opportunities to work with local non-profits who share our mission of giving back to the community with arts and culture related programming. 

NEPR Media Sponsorship Includes:

  • A paid underwriting contract of $800 or more by the non-profit.
  • In-kind on-air announcements in the amount of the paid contract. (for example, if you purchase a $1000 contract, NEPR will match your contract with a $1000 trade for a total value of $2,000 in on air mentions). In-kind trade is scheduled “run of station” at the station’s discretion and is split evenly between NEPR and the NEPR News Network.
  • Event listings on NEPR’s public Events Calendar with a “Sponsored by NEPR” tag.
  • Text mentions in NEPR’s electronic communication pieces during the month of the event.
  • Social Media promotion on NEPR’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

NEPR Media Sponsorship awards are based on the following criteria:

  • Nonprofit status of applying
  • Event alignment with NEPR's mission and service to the NEPR audience.
  • Event target
  • Event timing within the year. NEPR can only sponsor a limited number of events per
  • Event category/type. NEPR seeks to sponsor as broad a range of arts, music and cultural events as
  • Due to a high volume of requests for sponsorship, NEPR cannot accommodate all requests for sponsorship

NOTE: Advocacy/fundraising events are not eligible for NEPR Media Sponsorship. NEPR does not air Public Service Announcements (PSAs). 

NEPR Media Sponsorship recipients provide NEPR with:

  • NEPR logo/text presence on all printed, online and press material relating to the
  • Ad space in program book or playbill
  • An on-site presence – example: banners, table/booth, and stage announcement (when applicable).
  • In-kind tickets to the event (if the event is ticketed).
  • Other benefits can be discussed, based on the specific event details and size of sponsorship award.

Ad Trade:

Non-profit groups can opt for an Ad Trade Agreement if an NEPR Media Sponsorship is outside of its budget. New England Public Radio with offer an even trade of on-air underwriting for an ad in the organization’s playbill. Off-air benefits (listing in e-communications, social media, etc.) are not included.

Current or previous media sponsorship or underwriting agreements, program appearances or interviews and/or submission of an application do not guarantee an NEPR Media Sponsorship, nor does an NEPR Media Sponsorship include programming appearances, interviews, special announcements or on-air ticket giveaways.

Contact Vanessa Cerillo with any questions. She manages NEPR’s Media Sponsorship Program.