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Western Mass. Commuter Rail Not Yet A Reality

Massachusetts officials announced Wednesday the state has an agreement to purchase the right-of-way for nearly fifty miles of railroad running between Greenfield and Springfield. Amtrak service is scheduled to begin late this year on the line, but a more regular commuter service is far from a done deal.

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August 08, 2014

Foley Still Ahead of McKinney As Primary In Connecticut Approaches

Connecticut’s primary is Tuesday. The big race to watch is between Republican gubernatorial candidates Tom Foley, a businessman from Greenwich and Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, from Fairfield. The Hartford Courant’s Christopher Keating joins us to talk about this and other CT races.

Workers Brace For Life After Vermont Yankee

Some of the workers have left already. Entergy says 572 people were still working at the plant on June 1. About half of them will lose their jobs in January, after the plant shuts down. Others will stay on for another 18 months or so to help place the reactor in protective storage. After that, another major layoff is expected.

The Sound Of (New) Music

In the Berkshires every summer, there is a musical collective that wants to rip the powdered wig off traditional classical music. Playing the work of living composers and using unconventional methods, they are interested in anything but a musical history lesson. Things wrap up on Saturday with six hours of music, including special guests like Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and the composer Steve Reich’s re-working of two songs by Radiohead.

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