What It Takes To Pull Me Through

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Marcus moved his family from Washington DC to Northampton so he could spend time working on a book about the at-risk teens at the Academy at Swift River, a residential school in Cummington. The book, just released, is called What It Takes To Pull Me Through: Why Teenagers Get in Trouble and How Four of Them Got Out. Marcus says there are reasons why more teenagers in turmoil today than in previous generations.

Marcus will discuss his book tonight at Broadside Books in Northampton at 6:30 pm and Saturday afternoon at 1:00 pm at the Jeffrey Amherst Bookshop in Amherst. Marcus will also take part in a panel discussion with Professor Sam Intrator and other guests on February 10th at 7:00 pm in the Helen Hills Hills Chapel in Northampton. For more information please see www.davemarcus.com.