Raging Grannies Project: Haiti

In 1987, eight women in British Columbia, worried
about nuclear proliferation, formed the first chapter
of the Raging Grannies. Their interests
expanded to environmental and social concerns. The
number of chapters of raging grannies grew as well,
across Canada, Europe, Australia and the United
States. They share concerns, and a love of
. Last Sunday, five members of the local
chapter of the raging grannies returned from a
week-long visit to Haiti — the poorest country
in the western hemisphere and the focus of a number of
the world’s relief agencies. Paki Wieland says
the Raging Grannies wanted to provide their own form
of support to the Haitian people.

Sally Weiss, Ruth Hooke, Paki Wieland and the other
Raging Grannies who made the trip to Haiti will talk
about their experiences this Sunday afternoon at 4:00
pm in Grace Church in Amherst, Massachusetts.