Nonprofit Aims to Restore 25 Springfield Homes in 5 Days

The Springfield chapter of Rebuilding Together says it has attracted a thousand volunteers – enough to repair at least 25 homes between October first and October fifth.

"There's a lot of sense of urgency right now with winter approaching again to get the blue tarp off the roof so that it can be rectified."

Colleen Loveless is the executive director of Rebuilding Together's Springfield chapter.

"The need is actually overwhelming. The requests are just daily. We get applications, we get phonecalls, we get emails."

Rebuilding Together rehabilitates homes for low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities free-of-charge. The organization had just finished painting the home of one Springfield resident, 70-year-old Annie Johnson, when a tornado blew through and gutted the home.

"I can't say enough about Rebuilding Together, they have been one of my supports… the family's support, really."

Johnson, a retired social worker, says her insurance has paid for major construction repairs that are already underway, but Rebuilding Together is going to send a team to help her with yardwork.

The nonprofit has already decided which homes it will be working on. They've closed volunteer registration due to an overwhelming response, but they can always use donations. Some building materials have been donated but the organization is $60,000 dollars short of its $200,000 budget.