Top Stories: Shutdown Showdown; CIA Station Attacked In Kabul

Good morning.

Our headlines so far today:

Shutdown Showdown Continues: Senate Has Key Vote Today

NYPD Could ‘Take Down A Plane’ If Necessary, Commissioner Says

Other stories making headlines include:

“Two Killed At Kabul CIA Station.” (BBC News)

“World Mourns Kenya’s Fallen Heroine,” Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai Has Died. (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation)

“In Syria, Defectors Form Dissident Army In Sign Uprising May Be Entering New Phase.” (The Washington Post)

“Freed Hikers: Iran Held Us Because We’re American.” (The Associated Press)

“Gold Slides As Investors Scramble For Cash.” (The Financial Times)

Saudi Women Given Right To Vote In Municipal Elections. (Al-Jazeera English)

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