VIDEO: Atop Washington Monument, Visitors Scrambled During Quake

When a 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia shook states from the mid-Atlantic into New England on Aug. 23, one of the places not to be was near the top of the Washington Monument.

Videos posted today by the National Park Service show just how frightening it must have been when the temblor literally rocked the monument.

According to the Park Service, you can see “the ranger at the top following protocol, guiding visitors to the emergency exit door on the 490 [foot] level, which opens inward, and then returning to the 500 [foot] level to ensure that all visitors are out.”

The shaking starts around the 1:45 mark.

Meanwhile, as The Washington Post reports, “National Park Service officials said Monday that they are trying to determine how much damage the Washington Monument sustained during last month’s earthquake, how much it will cost to repair the obelisk and how much longer it could remain closed. The elevator system was damaged and is operating only to the 250-foot level of the 555-foot monument, the Park Service said, adding that the mechanism is believed to have been damaged by its counterweights during the quake.”

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