Disaster Aid Deadline

There's a deadline looming for residents of Berkshireand Franklincounties in Massachusettsimpacted by tropical storm Irene. The unemployed or self-employed in both counties have until Thursday afternoon (10/6/11) to apply for federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Alberto Pillot is a spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He says individuals eligible for help include those who can't work due to an injury caused by the storm.

“They couldn’t get to work because it was storm-related, their businesses closed down or their vehicles were flooded. And if you were just getting to start a brand new job and you were impacted directly or couldn’t make it to your job…or anything that had to do directly with the storm, you also can be eligible for disaster unemployment.”

Pillot says the federal program is being administered by the state. Anyone who is not eligible for regular unemployment in Massachusettsshould apply for federal assistance before Thursday's 4-30 pm deadline. Pillot says anyone who thinks they may be eligible should call the State Department of Unemployment Assistance.

For infornation: 877-232-6200 OR www.mass.gov/dua/disasterui