BlackBerry Outages Continue, Reports Say They’ve Spread To North America

The focus remains on “Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India,” where millions of BlackBerry users are without text services for a third straight day, Reuters reports, but there’s word now that the problems are also affecting folks in North America.

Canada’s CP24 news site reports that “BlackBerry users in Canada have been cut off from their smartphone’s messaging, email and Internet services.” Some NPR staffers also report that emails they’ve sent today haven’t gotten to their destinations.

Research In Motion, BlackBerry’s manufacturer, says a “core switch failure” caused the problems outside the Americas and that it’s working on the problem.

The problems have lead to many, many comments on Twitter — including many retweets of this joke:

“What did one BlackBerry user say to the other BlackBerry user?


And there have been many suggestions to watch this comedy sketch from the BBC.

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