Top Stories: Indy Driver’s Death; ‘Occupy’ Protests Spread

Good morning.

Our early headlines were:

Drivers Had Safety Concerns Before Race That Took Indy Champ’s Life

American Woman Stricken At South Pole Is Now In New Zealand

Cardinals Vs. Rangers: Which Team Will Win The World Series?

Other stories making headlines include:

— “Wall Street Protests Span Four Continents, Arrests Climb.” (Bloomberg Businessweek)

— Occupy Wall Street Protesters “Debate What Demands, If Any, To Make.” (The New York Times)

— “Markets Rise On Euro Debt Hopes.” (The Guardian)

— “Anadarko To Pay BP $4 Billion In Gulf Oil Settlement.” (CNN Money)

— “Obama Bus Tour Rides Rough Political Terrain In N.C.” (Morning Edition)

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