Top Stories: Gadhafi Buried; Drug Cartels Infiltrated In Mexico

Good morning.

Earlier, we posted about:

Gadhafi Buried, Location Kept Secret

VIDEO: 2-Week Old Girl Rescued From Rubble In Turkey

Mundane Mixup Helps Rangers Take 3-2 Lead In World Series

The day’s other top headlines include:

— “U.S. Worries Grow Over Al-Qaida’s African Presence.” (Morning Edition)

— “U.S. Agencies Infiltrating Drug Cartels Across Mexico.” (The New York Times)

— Syrians Are “Using Hospitals For Torture,” Amnesty International Alleges. (BBC News)

— “Rick Perry Readies Assault On Mitt Romney.” (Politico)

— “Northern Lights Seen Farther South Than Usual.” (CNN)

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