Local Aid Money Restored to Massachusetts Cities and Towns

Some good financial news is coming to Massachusetts cities and towns, in the form of more local aid money from state government. The money is set to be distributed Monday.

Governor Deval Patrick has told cities and towns throughout the state that the Department of Revenue will distribute $65 million dollars in local aid money. The money is actually a restoration of local aid funds cut earlier this year.  Cities and towns can decide what to do with that money as they set tax rates for this fiscal year. West Springfield Mayor Edward Gibson says he's hoping to put the $220,000 his city will receive toward tornado recovery.

"We have spent about a million dollars in cleanup costs from the tornado. So there is that to pay for tornado costs that were not covered by FEMA."

Gibson says his office is still working with FEMA to apply for more reimbursement money. The local aid disbursements include $2.3 million to Springfield, $621,000 to Holyoke and $269,000 to Northampton. The state's decision to restore the municipal funds will bring local aid for the current year to the same level as last year.