Seeking Coffee and Warmth After the Storm in Amherst, Massachusetts

Store front after  store front remained shuttered, while cars and people  searched for a warm place to hang  out and a good cup of coffee. One of the first to  open was Henion Bakery, a nook of a business that was packed. An elderly couple sat bundled up sipping  hot drinks. Hugh Clark said he's lived in Amherst all his life, 86 years. So he's seen a storm or two. But he said, " Not like this."  Waiting in line– North Amherst resident Carol Cochrane said the early storm caused more damage than she remembers seeing in the past. " There were so many limbs down and power lines down."  She said  some people were driving. "My husband's a physician so he went to work. But I work in the schools. So I'm not at work. I'm looking for coffee."

Also  waiting for something  warm to drink was Smith College alum Catherine Gees. She said she slept with the blankets piled high and a generator to help keep her place warm. At least that was the idea. "The generator ran out of gas. And it was about 75  degrees in the house when I went to bed and when I woke up this morning it was about 50. So it wasn't too bad. I had a worse time at Smith once when before they turned on the heat  I got out of bed and I could see my breath in the room." So this time Gees said, "I'm faring pretty well."

Bakery owner David Henion, at work by 4 Monday morning managed to open without power. Henion, who didn't stop making new pots of coffee while he spoke, said he was just happy to provide a warm place for people to go. Across the street a rumor that the only gas station in town might open had dozens of cars lined up waiting for a coveted fill up. Most restaurants and stores remained closed. Many planned to reopen on Tuesday.