Top Stories: Jobless Rate Dips, Corzine Resigns, Europe Looks For Help

Good morning.

Things have been a bit busy already today. Our early headlines:

Unemployment Rate Dips To 9 Percent; 80,000 Jobs Added.

Corzine Resigns From MF Global.

Pakistan: ‘The Ally From Hell’ That Hides Its Nukes From The U.S..

Jobs Report May Offer Glimmer Of Good News.

Other stories making headlines include:

— Greek Prime Minister “Faces Knife-Edge Confidence Vote.” (BBC News)

— “G-20 Weighs Options For IMF To Help Europe.” (The Wall Street Journal)

— “Cain Rises In Post-ABC Poll Despite Scandal; Most Republicans Dismiss Allegations.” (The Washington Post)

— Cain Accuser’s Lawyer May Release Statement Today. (It’s All Politics)

— “Groupon Raises $700 Million In IPO.” (The Associated Press)

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