Top Stories: Cain Disputes Allegations; Berlusconi Faces Key Vote

Good morning.

Our early headlines were:

Cain: ‘There’s Not An Ounce Of Truth’ In Latest Allegations.

Boxer Joe Frazier, Who Beat Ali In The ‘Fight Of The Century,’ Has Died.

Should Penn State Clean House, Including Paterno?

Meanwhile, other top headlines of the day so far include:

— “Sarkozy Called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu ‘Liar.’ “ (BBC News)

— “Berlusconi Faces Crunch Parliament Vote.” (The Financial Times)

— Coalition Partner Demands That Berlusconi Resign. (The Guardian)

— Greece Expected To Name Former European Central Bank Official As New Prime Minister. (The Wall Street Journal)

— Elections Today “May Hold 2012 Clues.” (Politico)

— Attorney General Holder: Fast And Furious Program Never Should Have Happened. (The Washington Post)

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