Top Stories: Debt Talks, Penn State, Occupy Wall Street, Solyndra

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

‘Murmurings’ Of A Deal On Taxes And Deficit Reduction.

Penn State Scandal: Key Witness Says He Did Talk With University Police.

Zuccotti Park ‘Unoccupied And Quiet’ As Day Begins.

Other news making headlines:

– “Solyndra: Energy Dept. Pushed Firm To Keep Layoffs Quiet Until After Midterms.” (The Washington Post)

– Syrian Army Defectors “Attack Air Force Base.” (Al-Jazeera)

– “Obama Insists U.S. Does Not Fear China.” (The Associated Press)

– Australia Agrees To Host U.S. Marine Task Force. (BBC News)

– “Italy Unveils Government Of Technocrats.” (The Guardian)

– “Afghan Council To Consider U.S. Partnership Pact.” (Morning Edition)

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