Top Stories: Clinton To Visit Myanmar, Syria To Accept Arab League Monitors

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

‘Flickers Of Progress’ Prompt Plan For Clinton To Visit Myanmar.

Robert Wagner Supports New Look Into Natalie Wood’s Death.

Tea Party And Occupy Members Find Common Ground In Memphis.

Syracuse Assistant Coach Put On Leave After New Accusation.

New Tests Support Claim That Speed Of Light’s Been Broken.

Other stories making headlines include:

— “Syria ‘To Accept’ Arab League Monitoring Mission.” (BBC News)

— New Italian Prime Minister “Easily Wins Lower House Confidence Vote.” (Reuters)

— “Tax Spat Stymies Debt Panel.” (The Wall Street Journal)

— “Gingrich Think Tank Collected Millions From Health-Care Industry.” (The Washington Post)

— “As The Protest Ends, What Now For Occupy Movement?

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