Top Stories: Assad’s Denials, Pakistani Leader’s Future

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Syria’s Assad: ‘We Don’t Kill Our People’.

Trip To Dubai Raises Questions About Pakistani Leader’s Future.

Roadside Bomb Kills 19 In Afghanistan.

Internal Probe, Criminal Charges Still Pending In W.Va. Mine Disaster

Pearl Harbor Attack’s 70th Anniversary: Memories, Moment Of Silence

Other top stories:

— “New Sandusky Accuser Steps Forward, Alleges Abuse.” (The Associated Press)

— “Italy Mafia Boss Zagaria Found In Bunker,” Police Say. (BBC News)

— In Russia, Former Leader Gorbachev Wants New Election “Amid Fraud Claims.” (Sky News)

— “Stock Futures Flat On Caution Over EU Summit.” (Reuters)

— “At Climate Talks, Resistance From India, China, U.S.” (Morning Edition)

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