Top Stories: Troops’ Ashes Put In Landfill; Corzine Testifies

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Report: Hundreds Of Troops’ Ashes Were Dumped In Landfill.

Corzine Apologizes, Defends Actions Of MF Global, May Invoke Fifth

European Central Bank Cuts Rates To Match Record Low.

Jobless Claims Drop To 9-Month Low.

Top News Memes Of 2011: Pepper Spray Cop, Bin Laden, Steve Jobs.

Other stories making headlines include:

— “Stealth Drone Highlights Tougher U.S. Strategy On Iran.” (The Washington Post)

— Putin Accuses U.S. Of Spurring Protests Over Russian Election Results. (BBC News)

— “Euro Failure Is ‘Luxury We Can’t Afford,’ Sarkozy Warns.” (CNN)

— “American Gets 2 1/2 Years In Prison For Defaming Thai King.” (Los Angeles Times)

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