Northampton Defense Contractor Sold for $210 Million

A military contractor  which just opened a brand new headquarters in northampton, massachusetts will change ownership next year. The Kollmorgen company, which develops and manufactures optics system for submarines, will be sold by Washington DC-based  Danaher Corporation to defense contractor L-3 Communications for $210 million. Kollmorgen recently moved its headquarters to an $18 million facility on the outskirts of downtown Northampton.  Northampton's Community and Economic Development Director Teri Anderson says Kollmorgen is the city's largest manufacturer, with 340 workers.  Anderson says she sees the interest in investing in Kollmorgen by the manufacturing industry as a good sign for the local economy.

"Obviously Kollmorgen and Danaher invested in Northampton over the last few years in terms of growing their workforce and investing in their facility at Village Hill. So I think all the signs point in a positive direction, but I don't think we'll know any firm answers until February once the sale is finalized." 

Anderson says that despite the US military's diminishing  involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and potentially drastic cuts to the Pentagon's budget next year, she does not anticipate a significant change in Kollmorgen's business.

"There are both military and commercial applications for their potential products, so I would hope that even if there was a reduction in military spending that would affect their products, that they would have commercial applications that they could take advantage of those markets."
Officials at Kollmorgen, Danaher, and L-3 Communications could not be reached for comment.