Top Stories: ‘Cold Shutdown’ At Japanese Nuclear Plant; Hitchens Dies

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Japanese Officials Declare ‘Cold Shutdown’ Of Crippled Reactors.

No Deal Yet On Jobless Benefits, Payroll Tax Cut Extension.

Christopher Hitchens: ‘Atheist Intellectual,’ ‘Noble Contrarian’.

Other news:

— “Bradley Manning To Appear In Court In Leaks Case.” (Morning Edition)

— “Romney Regains Stride; Gingrich Shows Old Newt At Sioux City Debate.” (It’s All Politics)

— South Carolina Gov. Haley Endorses Romney. (The State)

— Court Hearing This Morning For Penn State Officials Facing Charges Related To Scandal. (

— Iranian Engineer Claims His Country Hijacked U.S. Drone. (The Christian Science Monitor)

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