Top Stories: Wave Of Bombings In Baghdad, Political Battle Over Tax Cut

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Dozens Killed, Scores Injured In Wave Of Bombings In Baghdad.

Third Quarter Growth Estimate Revised Down Again, To 1.8 Percent.

U.S. Cites ‘Self Defense,’ Concedes Poor Coordination In Pakistan Incident.

Other top headlines:

— “Payroll Tax Cut: Obama Ups Pressure On Boehner.” (Politico)

— “Experts See A False Dawn In Economy’s Recent Gains.” (The New York Times)

— “North Korea Awaits Kim Jong Un’s Opening Moves.” (Morning Edition)

— “Syrian Forces Pursue Assaults, Arab League Team On The Way.” (Reuters)

— Sixth Person Accuses Former Philadelphia Daily News Sports Columnist Of Sexual Abuse. (Philadelphia Daily News)

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