Top Stories: Funeral For Kim Jong Il, Syria Releases Some Prisoners

Good morning.

Our early headlines have ranged widely, subject-wise:

Weeping, Wailing And Imagery In Pyongyang For Kim Jong Il’s Funeral.

Rev. Billy Graham Makes Top 10 ‘Most Admired’ List For 55th Time.

Cheetah, One Of Tarzan’s Chimpanzee Sidekicks, Has Died.

Other stories making headlines today include:

— “Syria Frees 755 Prisoners Detained In Crackdown,” Human Rights Watch Says Hundreds Have Been Hidden. (The Associated Press)

— “Iran Again Warns It Can Cut Off Strategic Oil Route” Through Strait Of Hormuz. (The Associated Press)

— “Argentina President Christina Fernandez Has Cancer,” It Is In Her Thyroid Gland But Has Not Spread. (BBC News)

— “Mubarak Trial Resumes In Cairo.” (Al-Jazeera)

— “Marshal: Hot Embers Sparked Fatal Fire” That Killed Five People In Connecticut. (The Stamford Advocate)

— Texas Man Who Dressed As Santa, Killed Six And Then Himself, “Described As Protective, Conservative.” (Colleyville Courier)

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