Top Stories: Taliban Sees Hope For Talks; Mexican Drug War Toll Soars

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Video Depicting Urination On Corpses Won’t Derail Peace Talks, Taliban Says.

Judge Blocks Pardons Issued By Outgoing Mississippi Gov. Barbour.

Penn State Will Honor Paterno, School President Says.

Jobless Claims Jump Up By 24,000.

Other stories making headlines:

— “U.S. Intelligence Report On Afghanistan Sees Stalemate.” (Los Angeles Times)

— “Adversaries of Iran Said to Be Stepping Up Covert Actions.” (The New York Times)

— “Mexican Drug War Toll: 47,500 Killed In 5 Years.” (The Associated Press)

— “Romney Readies Bain Capital Counterattack.” (Politico)

— “Homeland Security Watches Twitter, Social Media.” (Reuters)

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