Tax Season Begins

The IRS’s online filing system is up and running on time and for the second year in a row, the government won't be mailing out paper forms or instructional booklets. New England Public Radio reports on tax season.

Stephen Sugermeyer is an accountant in Ludlow, Massachusetts and he teaches accounting at Western New England College. He says there's no last-minute legislation to change tax preparation this year.

"There weren't changes this year. You still have your earned income credits for lower income wage earners, you've got your education credits out there for families with kids at college age. No first time home buyer credits this year, those have expired."

About 145 million tax returns were filed last year and the IRS estimates that more than 70% of taxpayers are eligible to file for free using approved programs listed on their Web site. Sugarmeyer notes that there continues to be plenty of avenues for free advice and services, including his own students.

"You do have students, predominately accounting majors. It's a way for them to do community service, it's a way for them to get something on a resume."

Information on free tax preparation centers can be obtained by calling IRS offices in Hartford, Springfield or Brattleboro.