Vermont Nuclear Plant Owners Move Ahead with License Extension

Two weeks ago, a federal judge struck down a Vermont state law that lawmakers there contended gave them authority over plans by the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to operate for another 20 years. Now, the plant's parent company, Entergy Nuclear is moving forward with its plans.

In a conference call with investors today Entergy Nuclear CEO J. Wayne Leonard said the company filed a motion with the Vermont Public Service Board for a new Certification of Public Good–or CPG.


"To grant a new CPG or amend the existing one to permit operation of DY through March 21, 2032."

Leonard says he anticipates few obstacles in obtaining the certificate.

"With the judge finding that no nuclear safety or power contract issues can be the basis for denial, we believe there is nothing standing in the way of issuing the CPG."

Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell's office says it has yet to decide if the state will appeal the ruling– an appeal which must be filed by February 21st. Leonard says if Vermont decides to take action against the renewal of Vermont Yankee's license, Entergy may request that the state cover the company's legal fees. In a separate case, the state is challenging a federal license for extended operations – saying the Nuclear regulatory Commission should not have renewed its operating license for the plant absent a federal water quality permit that has not been issued.