Top Stories: Cry For Help From Syria; Obama Embraces SuperPAC

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

While Gunfire Echoes Inside Syria, A Cry For Help From A City Under Attack.

Gulf Arab Nations Recall Ambassadors From Syria, Expel Syrian Diplomats.

As L.A. Probes Sex Abuse Charges, Staff Replaced At Elementary School.

Before Dying In Inferno, Little Boys Were Struck.

Other top stories:

— “Congressional Earmarks Sometimes Used To Fund Projects Near Lawmakers’ Properties.” (The Washington Post)

— “Obama Embraces The SuperPAC;” In Reversal, He “Blesses Fundraising For Priorities USA Action.” (Politico)

— Republicans Gather Today In Colorado And Minnesota. But “Why Bother With Caucuses?” (It’s All Politics)

— “Iran’s Middle Class On Edge As World Presses In.” (The New York Times)

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