Top Stories: Situation Dire In Syria; Obama May Shift On Contraception Rule

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

‘Situation Could Not Be More Dire,’ Syrians In Besieged City Say.

Rep. Bachus Is Focus Of Ethics Investigation Into Possible Insider Trading.

If Women Are In Combat, Men May Try To Protect Them, Santorum Says.

Other top stories:

— “White House To Announce ‘Accommodation’ For Religious Organizations On Contraception Rule,” Sources Say. (ABC News’ Political Punch blog)

— Clashes In Athens Over Greek Austerity Deal. (BBC News)

— “The GOP’s ‘Meh’ Moment On Full Display At Conservative Confab.” (It’s All Politics)

— “Trade Deficit Widens To $48.8 Billion In December.” (The Associated Press)

— In Pennsylvania, “Jerry Sandusky Hearing To Address Jury, Bail Issues.” (The Patriot-News)

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