Wednesday Is Registration Deadline For MA Presidential Primary

Massachusetts residents who are not registered to vote have until tomorrow (Wednesday) to do so to be able to vote in the upcoming March 6th Presidential Primary. Secretary of State William Galvin says Registrars of voters in the state's 351 city and town halls will be open until 8 o'clock Wednesday evening to sign up new voters, previously registered voters who have moved to another community since the last election, or those wanting to check their voter status or change their party affiliation. Some pundits speculate there may be low turnout among registered Democrats next month, since President Obama is his party's only candidate. And even though registered Republicans constitute less than 12% of Baystate voters, Galvin expects the GOP ballot will by buoyed by un-enrolled or independent voters who make up more than half of all voters in Massachusetts and who, he says, have historically come out in strong numbers for contested races.
“If you are an independent, that is un-enrolled voter, you can vote in either primary and you do not become a party member by voting in that primary. You retain your independent, un-enrolled status.  But if you wanted to vote in another party's primary, you need to change your party enrollment at least to independent, un-enrolled, if not to the party you wish to vote in”
The Green-Rainbow Party also has candidates on the primary ballot. In addition to choosing a presidential candidate, voters will elect members of the major party's state, ward and town committees on March 6th. Massachusetts and Vermont are among the so-called Super Tuesday list of ten states holding contests that day to select delegates to their respective parties' national conventions.