Top Stories: Deadly Day In Iraq; Obama Tries To Quell Quran Controversy

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Dozens Killed, Hundreds Wounded In Iraq; Attacks Blamed On Al-Qaida.

Report: Two U.S. Troops Killed In Afghanistan; Quran Burnings Backlash?

In Letter, Obama Apologizes To Karzai For Quran Burnings.

Seven Marines Killed When Helicopters Collide Over Arizona Training Range.

Online Privacy Act’s No. 1 Principle Is ‘Individual Control’.

Jobless Claims Stay At Four-Year Low.

Google Glasses: Frightening Or Fantastic?

Other top stories:

— “Santorum Spends Debate Fighting Off Attacks From Romney, Paul.” (It’s All Politics)

— “U.N. Panel Accuses Syria Of Crimes Against Humanity.” (The New York Times)

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